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Welcome to the official community and development site of D2K5, originally founded in 2002 by erika as a personal project for study and research, which later turned into a forum and development site for our projects.

Our regular userbase consists of people with knowledge of computers, networking, security, hardware, coding and/or programming, and people who wish to better themselves in terms of knowledge.

There are usually around 20 people on IRC at all times. We sometimes also host hilarious game servers for our regulars to play on.

D2K5 Productions is currently ran by erika and sofia.


IRC.pngInternet Relay Chat  (19 users)

All Projects

FortIRC.pngFortIRC Client
A highly modified, better looking and more secure fork of HexChat
An OwnCloud fork to fix various problems.
Sp4407.pngSpace Project 4407
A complete rewrite of the D2Station project.

Filezilla.pngFilezilla fork
Removes the local side panel.
D2K5Messenger.pngD2K5 Messenger
IRC based IM client in C#.
Shockpack.pngShock Sprays for Source Games
A large compilation of over 90 shock sprays.

A network/communications surveillance bot.
D2Grid.pngD2Grid Server
Custom OpenSim Server.
A highly modified Space Station 13 fork.

Serious roleplay script for Garry's Mod.
Gm wireconstruct.pnggm_wireconstruct
A Garry's Mod wiremod map.
Basic 3D game demo in C#.

Gm ze airportz.pnggm_ze_airportz
An infinite map (achieved with teleports) for flying machines.
Rp d2country.pngrp_d2country
A small, rural roleplay map with trains and houses.
Simple water physics demo.