Ch@ Lolgs
9 days ago 
post your hilarious and original d2k5 irc/xmpp/discord chat logs
preferably in an actual readable format

<faggqt> i already know some good quotes
<faggqt> e.g. everything i say ever

<Kaboom22> dude dont act like ur big and hard cuase in real life i cuase
<Kaboom22> sorry fail i could kill u in one hit

<faggqt> where are the aryan boy trap slaves

<honeynutpenis> I'M A FURRY NOW

<faggqt> wow how dare you tell me that liking guys in girls clothes isnt heterosexual

<mxkoto> doggo rly wanted som
<mxkoto> some* fuck

<kiisuke> my mum just asked "Can we do pot?"
<kiisuke> she meant do gardening
<kiisuke> but yeah we can do pot

<faggqt> "dudes" and "guys" are a gender neutral term, don't let the gender nazis tell you otherwise

<Aquila> I jerk two dicks before I jerk two dicks
<Tomeno> fucking weeaboo
<Aquila> if jackin two dicks makes me a weeb then call me Naruto motherfucker

<faggqt> pinging someones ports and finding apache is like having sex with a black man and getting aids

<faggqt> "Shy and socially awkward"
<faggqt> but likes erp
<Aquila> shy but horny

<faggqt> sexually aroused by kawaii hitler
<kiisuke> quill pls take a pic of you sieg heiling
<Aquila> hahaha
<faggqt> ya do it faggot

<faggqt> this guy is drunk off a can of cider
<faggqt> what a fucking woman

<snobbo> cant believe you kids have lewd sleepovers
<faggqt> nothing lewd happened
<snobbo> cant believe you kids have the opportunity to have lewd sleepovers

<Aquila> I have a few on my imgur I think
<kiisuke> quill friendo
<kiisuke> why do you have these on your imgur
<faggqt> ofc you had them you FURFAGGOT
<Aquila> I just have to accept it
<Aquila> im a furfag

<kiisuke> furnaceSunglasses
<faggqt> loyalMinecart
<faggqt> depressedEstrogen
<kiisuke> moodyTestosterone
<faggqt> hahaha emotions + countries
<faggqt> defeatedFrench

<Aquila> how about sucking your own dick
<faggqt> that's not gay that's just masturbation
<faggqt> no homo

<faggqt> apparently casually using a computer is cyberpunk as fuck nowadays
<faggqt> hey guys I'm so cyberpunk I use a computer

<Tomeno> please stop oppressing my microsoft keyboard

<Aquila> hey, aren't we friends now?
<Aquila> wanna yiff on sl?

<Spunky> furry traps
* Spunky squirts machine oil everywhere

<Aquila> you might've noticed it on any cat pix I may have posted
<Aquila> my iphone camera is irredeemably filthy
<faggqt> filthy cat pix

<faggqt> so you're just playing dnd
<faggqt> and this guy
<faggqt> starts fucking his sheep
<RainRain> yes
<Aquila> roll constitution check to see how long you manage to fuck the sheep without cumming

<faggqt> drew dale
<faggqt> more like drew dole mirite

<Aquila> good luck getting this ass pregnant
<faggqt> is that a challenge?

<faggqt> i remember taking 2 ambien and smoking weed and hallucinating the downstairs kitchen being a jungle when i went to get munchies
<faggqt> i went to the fucking jungle to get munchies

<Aquila> there is no evidence
<Aquila> the holocaust didn't happen
<faggqt> the holocaust didn't happen but i wish it had

<Aquila> I like apple juice
<faggqt> me2
<faggqt> fuck a fruitbasket

<faggqt> "mom, dad i'm straight"
<faggqt> "no ur not son ur a fucking faggot"

<faggqt> my music tastes are so underground, all the records are stored in hitler's bunker
<Aquila> hahaha

<Aquila> I'm fortunate enough to not have experienced her anime ways
<Aquila> does she uguu or something
<faggqt> yeah, every time i put my dick in
<faggqt> it's really off putting

<Honoko> I'm the Normie meme, faggqt is the bully meme, kiisune is cute meme
<faggqt> bully? me? hahaha eat a dic

* mxkoto makes rock noises
<Tomeno> what kind of rock are you though
<Tomeno> thats very important for immersion
<Aquila> glam rock
<Aquila> stoner rock
<faggqt> dwayne the rock johnson

<kiisuke> there was a girl
<kiisuke> having a seizure
<kiisuke> in her wheelchair
<faggqt> she wasn't having a seizure she was twerking
<Tomeno> are you sure those werent just post mortem twitches
<Tomeno> like frog legs
<Tomeno> her electric chair fucking shorted

<ncl> grow out my armpit hair and dye it green
<faggqt> dye it sjw electric blue
<Aquila> sonic blue
<faggqt> sonic's sjw blue arms