D2K5 - Internet Relay Cats

the cats are always hard in the hood

Welcome to the D2K5 network. This is a private community for the members (and associated) of D2K5.

All of our services are encrypted.

This network requires you to be registered to:
  • Create and view threads/posts.
  • Create and join IRC channels.
  • Private message users.

What we do here at D2K5:
  • Video Games
  • Programming
  • Hilarious posts
  • Offending you

All account registrations must be approved by an administrator.
Accounts registered under a disposable email address or a proxy will never be approved.

Your registration will not be approved if we don't want you here or just simply don't know you.

Internet Relay Chat

Server Address: irc.d2k5.com
Server Ports: 6667, 6697 (SSL)

Username: <your d2k5 username>
Password: <authentication key obtained from your account preferences>

If you do not see an authentication key, log out and back in on D2K5.

For clients that don't have a username field, use <username>/D2K5:<authkey> as your password.
The password field may also be called server password in some clients.

Every registered user gets a D2K5 IRC bouncer when their account has been confirmed and they log in for the first time.
This bouncer can be used to log into our IRC from multiple locations and to retain persistent conversations whenever you reconnect.
You connect to IRC as you would normally, but also using your D2K5 username and auth key.

Please wait until you get an account approval notice before trying to join the IRC.

Official Channels:
  • #d2k5 - General Discussion
  • #dev - Bot testing, IRC and site development.

Network Rules
Breaking these rules can result in a G-line or a ban. All of these rules also apply to IRC bots.

What is IRC?

IRC Information, Integration & Miscellaneous Functions Bot:

The D2K5 IRC has a custom-made bot called Stormy (based on Stormy from Sealab 2021) which can do several functions.

General purpose:
  • !userinfo [username] - Shows your D2K5 profile info and ratings.
  • !weather [location] - Weather for the specified location
  • !setlocation <location> - Set the location for weather information.
  • !rate <user> <rating> - Rate an user. (type !ratings for a list of possible ratings. ratings are also synced over to this site)
  • !tip <user> <amount> - Tip the user a certain amount of points.
  • !wa <query> - Query Wolframalpha.
  • !wd <query> - Search WikiData
  • !wt <query> - Search Wikitionary

  • !topwords - Display top 5 users by words spoken.
  • !toplines - Display top 5 users by lines spoken.
  • !lines [user] - Lines spoken by you or a specified user.
  • !words [user] - Words spoken by you or a specified user.

  • !ns <state> - Display nationstates info for a state.
  • !420 - Blaze it, faggot.
  • !choose <value1> <value2> [value3] [value4]
  • !post - Display latest post on D2K5.
  • !modpack - Display latest minecraft modpack update.
  • !botupdates - Display the latest update for Stormy.

The bot also has several other ways of ratings users, such as typing "nick," or "nick:" and then the rating after it. There are also certain trigger words that will rate users automatically as you speak.